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Brighten your day with Vestaboard White. Inspire family, team members, or guests by easily sending messages from anywhere with a fresh take on the award-winning messaging display.

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Control your Vestaboard from anywhere

With Vestaboard’s free mobile and web based applications, your messaging capabilities are endless. You can easily send and schedule messages for your loved ones, team members, or customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vestaboard looks beautiful in any space, helping to elevate your home or business with thoughtful messaging. Many of our customers enjoy having their Vestaboard in their living room, dining room, kitchen, office, or entryway.

Vestaboard is approximately the size of a 42 inch LCD TV. Width: 41.2-in wide (1046 mm) Height: 22.0-in tall (561 mm) Depth: 3.5-in deep (89 mm)

Vestaboard is easily installed with two people. We recommend Vestaboard be installed on the wall and properly mounted into a wood stud or concrete wall with a power outlet either behind or below the Vestaboard.

Vestaboard requires a WiFi network connected to the Internet in order to display messages. First-time setup is performed using the Vestaboard app for iPhone and Android. Setup consists of a few simple steps where you will create and/or link a Vestaboard account to your Vestaboard and connect it to your WiFi network. Once your Vestaboard is connected, you will not need to re-connect it to WiFi unless you make changes to your router or Internet connection.

Vestaboard is powered by a single standard 3-prong plug. It does not need to be on a separate circuit breaker. When changing messages, it will pull similar power to an LCD television but when idle, will use 90+% less power. Power consumption is very low when Vestaboard is not changing messages. Vestaboard supports 100-240V for US and International power consumption and requires 121-watts when updating messages.

Vestaboard displays messages automatically through channels you subscribe to or create for yourself. You can also send individual messages on-the-go. Vestaboard receives the message information via WiFi, and flips the characters to the proper letters or numbers to show exactly what you want to see. After performing initial setup from the Vestaboard app, you will be able to control and display messages on your Vestaboard from anywhere in the world through the app, or from any web browser, such as Chrome.

Vestaboard has room to display 132 characters, including letters, numbers, symbols, and colors. It's perfect for displaying news and weather updates, quotes, and whatever messages you want to share. To display the message on the board, Vestaboard will process the text entry and smartly arrange it to look seamless on the board or allow you to control it so that what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG).